Essence Sprays

I worked at Cauldron Craft for a few months and was introduced to your essences. They are TOTALLY AMAZING... If I wasn't a poor student I would buy every one of them!! When I opened the shop I gave a quick  spray of one of the essences. EVERYONE who walked into the shop commented on the smell and were drawn to the essences. The information on them is full and informative and they just seem to lift your whole mood and spirit (as well as smelling WONDERFUL). It is hard to choose my favourite. I have abundance but  really LOVE Divine Goddess... who am I kidding.. I love them all. The colours of the Chakra essences are also particularly impressive... All the essences are fresh and natural - don't make you sneeze or irritate you senses.... I had people come into the shop slightly 'down' and after breathing in the aromas of the essences left feeling refereshed and renewed and with a smile on their face (as did I)... I really can't recommend the quality of these enough. Best quality I have ever come accross - thoroughly recommended!!

Cindy Cummings

Animal Essences

Earlier this year my Sydney Silky cross dog suffered an unprovoked attack by a much larger dog, who rocketed out of nowhere, roaring and snarling, and grabbed her.  
We were both terrified and there was a lot of screaming and shouting going on as we tried to get the big dog to let her go.
The sad result of this was that, although the physical damage was dealt with, the emotional trauma effected her on a very deep level.
Instead of always being ready for a mad game of “ chase me - chase me  “ with other dogs, she would sharply warn off even old friends who wanted to play.  
Belinda saw Murphy and prescribed an Animal Combination Essence for her and within 2 or 3 days I could see an amazing difference! Two weeks later and she is now back to her old self, playing crazy games with other dogs, her eyes blazing again with humour and joy.

I’m so grateful for these lovely Essences, which have restored all of Murphy’s joie de vivre.

Jude Knights


Aura Essence Sprays

I work in a shop that sells your essences and have to say that they are amazing. Everytime I am having a quiet day I spray around your "Abundance Essence" and the sales immediately pick up. Amazing!

Barbara                                                                                                                                                   NSW - Australia

Aura Essence Sprays

Hi Belinda, Thank you so much for creating your beautiful essences, I am finding them to be great for clearing and balancing my energies on a daily basis. I am slowly collecting all of your aura essences so that I have the whole range. My favorites so far are the Energy Clearing and the Divine Goddess, it smells so beautiful.

Heather                                                                                                                                                               Victoria - Australia

Chakra Essence Sprays

My artistic practice was blocked, I couldn't muster any new ideas until I used your Creativity Navel Chakra Essence. Wow! What a difference. I am overflowing with new ideas and producing some of my best work. Those who know my art work say I have gotten out of my head and into my heart! Now I am making work that really connects with the viewer, and is coming from a place within that I have never expressed before. Thank you.

Leonie                                                                                                                              Mullumbimby - Australia