About the Essences


The "Divine Light Essences" were created in 2007 by Belinda Paton.

After working closely with nature for most of her life Belinda was at first shown the Essences in dreams on the etheric level. "I was awoken 3 nights in a row until I got up and wrote them all down.

In the dreams I saw layers of energies and each one represented different ingredients, flowers, crystals, earth energies, star energies, colour energies, essential oils etc etc. I was then shown them all coming down together into a magical elixir bottle.

After this I became even more aware of all the different healing energies in plants, trees and flowers and also in crystals. It was like the plants and flowers started talking to me and showing me their unique healing properties".

She then started to utilize these energies with combinations of essences and slowly but carefully developed the ranges that we have here today. These essences have come into being to utilize all the healing energies on the planet to help us evolve and awaken to experience our highest potential in this lifetime.

Vibrational Essences are essences that contain or utilize the vibration of something else.  Everything in our world has a vibration, plants and trees, the crystals, water and different parts of the planet. They are all there for us to utilize for healing and for our own evolution.

As we evolve along our path of light our vibrations speed up and get higher and finer. Therefore we are all vibrating at different speeds and rates. You will find that you are more drawn to people who are vibrating at a similar frequency to yourself. These are the people who are at the same level in their evolution as you are. You tend to be drawn to people who are at the same level or who are going through the same lessons in life as you are.

With the vibrational essences we can bring into the auric field a vibration of a higher frequency, to help clear and balance any lower frequency energies and therefore raising our vibration.

Using vibrational essences on a regular basis can have a major effect in speeding up the evolutionary process of a person and help to clear any outstanding issues in ones life. We become more in tune with spirit and more in the flow with life and its endless possibilities, thus helping one to move on to a higher and finer vibration or new lessons in life.

Life is not meant to be hard, we sometimes just make it that way for ourselves by clinging too tightly to situations and having too many expectations of ourselves and others instead of just going with the flow. By letting go of those expectations, we free ourselves and others up to follow the journeys of our own hearts, and to let others do the same.