Divine Light Energy Mists

The Divine Light Energy Mists take us to the next level in our ascension consciousness. They are a powerful essence that will help us to break through our blocks and send us onto our path of light in this lifetime. If you are ready to take the next step then these essences are for you.

Violet Flame

$ 44 NZD

Key words - Magic, Intuition, Third Eye, Ancient Knowledge, Dreams, Manifestation, Mysteries, Past lives, Ancestors, Spirit, Karmic Release, Alchemy, Thinning the veils. 

Vital Energy; Clears all karmic residue from past lives that is not for your highest good. Helps you to connect to the ancient knowledge from your past lives and your ancestral lines. Opens the third eye so you can tune in to your intuition and your guides more easily. Helps you to remember your dreams so you can draw wisdom and guidance from within them.


I now draw on the infinite wisdom of my soul and my ancestors and I release all old karma that is holding me back.





Light of Love

$ 44 NZD


Key words - Universal Love, Divine Compassion, Heart Healing, Twin Flame, Soulmate, Softening, Inner Child, Nurturing, Forgiveness, Self Love, Selflessness.

Vital EnergyOpening and clearing the heart centre to connect with the blissful energies of universal love and divine compassion. Helps one to release negative childhood issues, brings forgiveness and nurtures the inner child. Helps to clear a broken heart and disappointment in love and helps one learn to let love in and out and therefore attracts more loving people to you. Feels like being wrapped in angels wings.



I now breathe out all my worries and open my heart to the light of universal love for healing and purification. 


Galactic Light

$ 44 NZD

Key words - Vibrational Shift, Awakening, Remembering, Ascension, Illumination, Activation, Cosmic Blueprint, Soul Purpose, Life Path, Transformation, Rebirthing. 

Vital Energy;This essence brings you more in touch with your true inner self and helps you to express the real you. Brings you to a higher vibration where you can connect within with clarity and vision. Helps you to remember your mission in life and your soul journey and to have the impetus to act on it. Brings the light of spirit to you so you can see more clearly what it is you need to do in this lifetime to fulfil your souls contract.


I now see clearly through the eyes of my higher self what it is I need to transform in my life to fulfil my souls journey for this lifetime.




Light of Nature

$ 44 NZD

Key words - Healing, Rejuvenation, Cleansing, Renewal, New Beginnings, Change, Growth, Nature Connection, Recharging, Purification, Free up, Release 

Vital Energy; Brings the light of nature and the nature spirits to come and sprinkle their magic in your life. Brings healing of the body, mind and soul. Brings positive change and movement whether it is in your outer life or on the inner landscape. Rejuvenates the soul and cleanses the energies to bring in freedom of spirit where anything is possible. Takes the weight off your shoulders and teaches you to relax and go with the flow. 


I now let go of the past and I welcome change, renewal and healing into my life!




$ 44 NZD

Key words - Joy, Happiness, Blissfulness, Contentment, Sharing, Playfulness, Connections, Fun, Unity, Friendship 

Vital Energy; This essence helps to connect you to your fun playful side. It is great for clearing sadness and discontentedness with life. It brings you into a state of blissful exuberance where anything is possible. You will find that you feel like playing again and bringing more fun times into your life. People are more drawn to you when you are happy so it also helps in connections with others and drawing more happy people to you. 


I am now fully connected with my inner happiness and I attract fun loving people and experiences into my life always.



$ 44 NZD

Key words - Inspiration, Confidence, New Ideas, Infinite Possibilities, Courage, Focus, Creation, Birthing, Vision, Conception, Imagination, Originality, Talent. 

Vital Energy; Brings the confidence and courage to try new things, expand and experience life to the full. Helps bring clarity of vision and brings new creative ideas and inspiration like a flash of lightening. Helps in any birthing situations, bringing new things into being quickly and easily. Helps you to focus on the project at hand and then see it through to fruition. Great for artists, writers or anyone wanting to bring their unique inner creative essence into any area of their life. 


My eyes are now open to the endless possibilities before me and I am not afraid to try!



$ 44 NZD

Key Words - Motivation, Passion, Drive, Grounding, Energy, Determination, Earth Connection, Self-respect, Independence, Inner Fire, Faith, Trust, Action, Enthusiasm 

Vital Energy; Helps you to create the life you want through earthfire energy and faith in oneself. Brings a more positive and confident sense of self to the fore and helps you to establish more trust in the universe and in your own decisions. Is grounding and energising to give you the impetus to take action on your dreams. Helps to clear all negative emotional baggage that is holding you back. Helps you to create more stability in life emotionally and physically.


I am now fully empowered and I take action to create a better life for myself and others.