Chakra Essence Sprays

Channeled from natures pure energies and ingredients the chakra essences help to clear, heal and balance each chakras energies. They work on a vibrational level to enable change and healing to occur. To use just spray onto the body and into the aura in the area of the chakra indicated. Use the affirmation on each bottle and visualize your chakra being healed and opened to pure love vibrations.
Containing; Flower Essences, Crystal Elixirs, Essential Oils and Channeled Energies.

Full Set 7 Essences

$ 240 NZD


Base Chakra 150ml

$ 38 NZD


This essence is used for grounding when you're feeling floaty or scattered. It helps bring you back down to earth and anchors your energies within your physical body again. It also helps to clear the mind so that you can gain clarity of thought.


Sacral Chakra 150ml

$ 38 NZD


Use this essence to enhance your  creative expression. If you've been afraid to express your inner creative being then this essence is for you. It can help to unblock and release your inner artist so that you can explore your unlimited creative potential more fully.


Solar Plexus 150ml

$ 38 NZD

Inner Power

This essence helps you to feel more confident in your life. It can help to strengthen the connection to your own inner power so that you wont doubt your own decisions so much. You can then step foward fearlessly in life and do what you need to do to completely fulfil your highest potential.


Heart Chakra 150ml

$ 38 NZD


This essence is used for opening and healing of the heart chakra energies. It can help to open your heart to let more love into your life to nurture your soul, aswell as helping you to allow more love out to flow into the world to heal others.


Throat Chakra 150ml

$ 38 NZD


This essence helps to balance the throat chakra energy so that you can speak your inner truth with more clarity. It can help you to express your feelings in a peaceful but confident manner so that you can move forward in life in your own truth.


Third Eye 150ml

$ 38 NZD


Your inner guidance will be made clearer with help from this essence. Your intuition will open more fully to allow you to trust and take action on the guidance you are recieving from spirit, through words, feelings and visions.


Crown Chakra 150ml

$ 38 NZD

Divine Connection

This essence is for enhancing your connection to the divine consciousness. It can help to strengthen the channels to your guides and angels, so you hear them more clearly and make you more aware of the ways spirit works with you on your lifes journey.