Healing Essences for Animals

The "Divine Light" Animal Essences” are a combination of flower essences, crystal elixirs, earth energies and channeled energies, designed to work on all levels of the psyche. They help to clear, heal, transmute and transform anything that is not for the highest good of the animal or the owner. 

Please choose from the 12 Essences in this range for your individual pets needs or if you are unsure which ones to choose please contact us with the issues your pet is having and we will make an Essence Combination just for you.

Confidence :  Deeper Connection : Divine Healer : Emergency Relief : Energizer   
Energy Alignment :  Fear Release : Go with the flow : Happiness : Hypo-Ease       Karmic Release : Transition : Protection : Energy Clearing

The 12 Essences

1. Confidence - Boldness/Courage

  • Builds more confidence in animals that are very shy or timid or who have been through an ordeal or trauma to make them this way.
  • Brings a sense of self to the fore and a newfound belief in oneself. Helps the animal to find his or her own sense of inner power.
  • Great for more timid animals who need to step out and experience more of life, clears uncertainty.
  • Brings more boldness and more courage into the energy field to help one step up to the mark.

2. Deeper Connection - Bonding/Friendship

  • Deepens the connection and bond between animal and owner.
  • When the animal is acting as a mirror for the owner, it helps to clear the core issues therein. Gets to the heart of the matter to clear it.
  • Helps the animal to not take on stress and past emotional blockages from the owner and vice-versa.
  • Helps to clear the old issues that the animal and owner are reflecting in each other, which is quite often the reason why they have been drawn together. Deepens the bonds and supports the journey to heal the past and let go with the support of each other.
  • Should be used by owner and animal simultaneously.

3. The Divine Healer - Soothes/Rejuvenates 

  • Like a sticky plaster for the soul.
  • Brings healing on the auric level which then comes down into the physical level to help with sickness or pain. Washes away discomfort.
  • Helps with recovery after a time of illness or convalescence.
  • Brings healing, soothing and calming energy on a soul level.
  • All the illness we experience in the physical comes from negative energies in the auric field. If we clear the energies there first that will then help to clear the illness on the physical plane.

4. Emergency Relief - Trauma/Shock

  • For Accidents, shock and trauma.
  • The “Rescue Remedy “ of this essence range
  • Helpful in situations where there has been much distress on the animal.
  • Soothes and balances the energy field so that the trauma can be released more quickly and easily.

5. Energy Alignment - Oneness/Wholeness

  • Allows the animal to gather their energy, to be grounded on the earth plane and to align all their chakras to bring them into complete balance within themselves.
  • Alignment of the emotional bodies and the auric field.
  • Alignment of energy, alignment with the earth and the stars simultaneously.
  • This essence is beneficial with stress of any sort, with land changes that are happening and to help the body maintain its own health and balance, the bodies own blueprint, as this will help with healing. The blueprint is what is carried in the physical body but also relates to the cosmos.

6. Energizer - Vitality/Stamina

  •  Helps with problems of lethargy, slowness or laziness in animals.
  •  Brings the bounce back into life.
  •  Helps with vitality and endurance.
  •  Great for pets who have recovered from illness and are now ready for a bit more energy to come in.
  •  Can be used as a pick me up when an animal is tired or overworked.

7. Fear Release - Calmness/Ease

  •  Releases fears, known and unknown.
  •  Helps to clear anxiety around certain situations.
  •  Helps animals to deal with new situations, new people or other animals without having a panicky reaction.
  •  Helps with animals who a generally afraid or timid to come out of their shell a bit and learn that not every situation is fearsome.

8. Go With The Flow - Harmony/Balance

  • Harmony, calmness, completeness, peacefulness.
  • To help in situations of great stress and to help with being frightened and visits to the vet etc.
  • This essence can be used for training, for competition and for focus at times when the expectations put on the animal are very high.
  • Helps with stubbornness and behavioural issues where the animal doesn’t want to do what is being asked of them.
  • Brings harmony and acceptance. An animal that has acceptance becomes at one with themselves and others.

9. Happiness - Joy/Contentment

  • Brings feelings of happiness and joy to the animal
  • Helps lift the spirits when the animal is suffering from sadness due to being moved away from its friends and family.
  • Helps to clear the grief from losing a loved one, eg a paddock mate, sibling or owner.
  • Clears sorrow and helps one to remember to have fun, play and enjoy life.

10. Hypo-Ease - Calming/Peaceful

  • For highly-strung or very excitable animals.
  • Brings the animal back into balance and maintains harmony and centeredness within.
  • Helps with calming of the emotions and the emotional body, which then leads to a calmer demeanour over all
  • Brings one back down into the body for grounding on the earth plane.

11.  Karmic Release - Emotional Release

  • For past life experiences that some animals have bought forward into this lifetime that affects their health and well being.
  • For abused or ill-treated animals to help them clear the anger, sadness, grief, fear, depression and rejection and let go of the past.
  • Clears repetitive or negative patterns. 
  • This essence can also be used for clearing past emotional blockages in this lifetime and emotional clutter that is holding them back from enjoying life.
  • Dissolves the past, freeing up, allows the animal to step forward, to walk away, to cut the ties or energy to the past, but also an essence that supports the move forward.

12.  Transition - Endings/New Beginnings

  • Helps with adjusting to new circumstances, new homes and new people or animals around them.
  • For those who are going through a time of great change in their lives.
  • Nurtures endings and brings in new beginnings.
  • Helps one to flow with the energy of change and not to fear or block what it may bring.
  • Also helps one to flow with the phases in life going from adolescent to adult etc and helps one to accept where one is.
  • Helps with passing over if this is what is needed at the time.

Animal Essence

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Please choose from the 12 Essences in this range for your individual pets needs or if you are unsure which ones to choose please contact us with the issues your pet is having and we will make an Essence Combination just for you.